1. sweetsoles:

    New Balance 997PR “Author’s Collection” (by brooro)

    (via maystoic)

  2. Citizen Cane Vlog Episode 1. The album is coming October! Shot and edited by Mister Fili. Enjoy. 

  3. by-berlin:

    Me & @1924us during Liberty Fairs. | cc: @jessupdeane #libertyfairs


  4. Anonymous said: Explain your header I think it's pretty interesting are you still in college?

    Thanks, naw I’m not in college anymore I’m a typical dropout. I came up with that when I was in community college and about to transfer to a 4 year school and didn’t know what direction I wanted to take my life in. I’m still not completely sure, but I know its not in a college classroom, at least right now. 

  5. bapesquad:

    RIP Robin Williams :(

  6. raininthecity:

    BAPESI Vending Machine - 2002

    I just want a can though…

  7. raininthecity:

    (Members edition Shark Parka) Nigo at his Tokyo Atelier - 2006


  8. Anonymous said: Who you listening to right now on the music tip

    I’m not hip to anything really new on the music tip to be honest. But I dig Travis Scott though. Seeing him perform recently and checking out his music has def made me a fan 


  10. Anonymous said: How important are brands name to you personally? I know you thrift but I just wanted to know how much importance you put on brand names

    Brand names are important their no way around that really but I try to look beyond the brand name. Which is why the thrifting  is so dope because their are plenty of great brands that stand the test of time that you can find at thrift stores. I just think some people focus on the brand and not the quality of the product which is lame. I hope I answered your question. Great question btw.